Asus AC01 ROG Gaming Wrist Rest

৳ 1,760

  • Model: AC01 ROG
  • Leatherette Surface
  • Non-Slip Rubber Feet
  • Comfortable Soft-Foam
  • Anti-Fray Stitched Edges

Asus AC01 ROG Gaming Wrist Rest

Asus has beyond their level of comfort to provide gamers with the best quality wrist rest. The Asus AC01 ROG Gaming Wrist Rest is very comfortable and relives strain from your arms and shoulder as it is able to support your hand and wrist comfortably. The Asus AC01 ROG Wrist Rest features special leather based materials and integrated into a very strong and rigid base structure. The wrist rest has non-slip rubber feet which allows it to stay in one place without slipping and causing a mishap. The overall design and structure can easily fit into any gaming environment and provide the utmost comfort.


The ROG Gaming Wrist Rest is crafted for gamers who demand next-level comfort. With a foam core encased in fine leatherette, it offers cushioned support and a smooth, soft surface. It also features non-slip rubber feet that hold it firmly in place. A soft foam cushion ensures superior comfort and support. Designed with an elevated angle, it keeps your hands at an ergonomic input position to alleviate wrist fatigue during long sessions.

Premium Leatherette Surface

Fine leatherette provides a smooth and soft surface that’s splash-resistant for easy cleaning and maintenance, and anti-fray stitching with a concealed seam improves durability. Serious gaming is intense, so we equipped ROG Gaming Wrist Rest with anti-slip rubber feet to keep it firmly anchored during heated action.

What is Asus AC01 ROG Gaming Wrist Rest

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